NashFP: Nashville Functional Programmers

About NashFP

Interested in functional programming (e.g. Clojure, Erlang, F# Haskell, Lisp, OCaml...)? In the Nashville-area?

Dandy! Come join us. We are a curious and welcoming group. All skill-levels, platforms, backgrounds & languages welcome. Show off your favorite functional language and pose questions to the group.

We meet each month for a lab (think three hour code camp). There we have a projector, WIFI, coffee, and assorted munchies.


We meet on the fourth Tuesday each month from 6 pm to ~8:30 pm (usually).
Please check the Google group for meeting announcements


HCA Healthcare (building 3 meeting space)
2545 Park Plaza
Nashville, TN 37203, USA (map)

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